Wampum Leather Bracelet *Charity Item*

Wampum Leather Bracelet *Charity Item*

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Single Lavender Tube Wampum Bead on Deer Leather, adjustable to all sizes

Made by Native Crafters Outlet, Akwesasne Mohawk Nation.

100% of proceeds are contributed to the Indigenous World Organization's One People One Planet movement.

(Educational Card by Indigenous World included)

Made from the quahaug clam shell, WAMPUM holds historical and cultural significance among Indigenous People. It has many uses, both official and ceremonial; to record treaties and bind peace between nations; to lift the hearts and minds of people- by promoting Healing, Strength and Balance. Wampum is worn today as a reminder of the Peace, Pride and Unity that comes when we live in connection to our Roots and All of Life.