Art is the conduit that keeps a culture strong, it connects the present with the past, it is an important aspect of identity. It is also an important source of income for communities where economic opportunities can be limited.*

Indigenous World's Store is a partnership initiative of Indigenous World Organization, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering cultural, social and economic advancement among Indigenous communities, and managing partner Indigenous World Selects, a privately owned sales & marketing company.

This unique partnership allows for advanced capabilities in our store and product offering, while positioning us to have an expansive reach in purchasing, providing immediate economic relief to Indigenous communities and continued support to the Indigenous World website and mission by contributing up to 100%** of  proceeds from product sales. 

Indigenous World Organization brings added value to items and your shopping experience by connecting items to the artist/organization, tribal nation and community associated; for you to learn more in the Directory, and by providing educational content for the tags and resources distributed.




** 20% of all item proceeds and 100% of Charity items are contributed back to the Indigenous World Organization and initiatives.